I Hate Valentine's Day!

I Hate Valentine's Day!

Aargh, Valentine's Day! The day when all the cutsey couples of the world flock together and rub it in everyone else's face about how they're so in love. Bleh! Enough already! No one cares! This website is dedicated to the rest of us, those who refuse to succumb to the sappiness of what is nothing more than a way for chocolate and jewelry companies to increase their sales.

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Anti-Valentine's Day Wallpapers

We have some free anti-Valentine's Day wallpaper to help you let your friends and family know that you are protesting Valentine's Day.

"I Hate Valentine's Day" eCards

Be sure to let that cheating bastard or hoe that helped you along in hating Valentine's Day exactly what you feel about them with one of our exclusive free anti-Valentine's Day eCards!

"Screw Valentine's Day" Music Selection

If you find your resolve to continue hating Valentine's Day slipping, our hand selected playlist is sure to help remind you why you hated it in the first place! (Warning: unedited versions of some of our song selection may be unsuitable for children. Then again, so is Valentine's Day!)